What is the difference between SPENDING and INVESTING?

When it comes to your personal growth, health and fitness, do you consider it as a SPENDING or an INVESTMENT?

In my earlier days, I used to think of my personal growth, health and fitness as a SPENDING simply because I didn’t understand the potential life saving value it could provide me with.

I used to look at fitness and health as PAIN, DISCOMFORT and something UNENJOYABLE

Why would I want to SPEND finances on something that would hurt when I could use those finances on alcohol, cigaret or fast foods? All things that made me “happy” short term!

Who had taught me that mindset?

My mindset was taught to me by the environment I had surrounded myself with! The crowd I followed! It was diluted with ignorance.

After being directly told that I wouldn’t live to see the age of 60 if I continue my lifestyle filled with alcohol, cigarettes and fast foods, a shift inside me occurred.

My life was presented to me on a seesaw:

My children ………..VERSUS ………My addictions

I had to pick ONE side of the seesaw, because I knew that as an addict I couldn’t have both.

Of course I picked my children! Any day. Any time. Always!

In that moment I understood that I had to INVEST in creating a new life for myself.

I had to gain:

✔️ Skills

✔️ Knowledge

✔️ Insight

✔️ Intelligence

✔️ Structure

✔️ Blueprints

✔️ Guidance

✔️ Support

✔️ Help
to move forward, because I COULDN’T do it on my own.

I tried on my own for years and how did that work out for me?

It didn’t!

So I decided to completely INVEST into a new life.

By INVESTING into fitness and health, I knew I would gain knowledge and skills that I could keep with me for the rest of my life.

It wasn’t a SPENDING like my cigarets or alcohol, which was short term.


I finally got it

Now, I INVEST in mentors in several of areas of my life, because I know the knowledge I will receive.

INVESTING is long term and will stay with me forever.

I have my own personal trainer who I INVEST in multiple times a week. I have been INVESTING in him for over 5 years now and I am STILL learning new skills — physical as well as mental skills!

I INVEST in business mentors who deliver life changing skills and opportunities that help me be a POWERFUL and SUCCESSFUL business owner.

I INVEST in professionals to guide me through my injuries and physical challenges, because I don’t have enough knowledge myself to overcome my injuries.

I willingly INVEST in all areas of my life, because I now understand the difference between SPENDING and INVESTING.

SPENDING simply left me with short term, none productive satisfaction!

INVESTING has moved me from a borderline alcoholic, unhealthy and depressed mum to a SUCCESSFUL self employed HEALTHY FIT mum who can show up at home 100% for my children.


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With kindness,

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