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There is No Magic Pill, LeBron James, and What it Really Means

Beware of the microwave mindset.

It’s something that’s been discussed in the $100 billion hoax, and has been covered in depth for Entrepreneur. While the microwave is a great invention for food, it maybe the worst thing to ever happen to your mindset. It’s hard to find fault with technology that delivers the food you want in 60 seconds or less. But applying the same mentality to success, your relationships, or weight loss will deliver a quick outcome you won’t like: disappointment, frustration, and — most likely — failure.

After all: shortcuts are merely illusions that take you on a longer path to success. Sometimes, they are a roadblock you never overcome.

And yet, even though we know almost everything worth doing requires time and effort, it’s hard to resist the allure of getting what you want immediately.

I posted a short rant the other day on Twitter about the idea of the “the magic pill.”

My intent was to help people realize that almost every quick fix is really just smoke and mirrors. It’s a dead end. And instead of searching for the magic pill, you should find what speaks to you, trust the process, and see what happens.

I actually don’t have a problem if you want to try any of those diets. It wouldn’t be my approach, but who cares. You do you. And do so unapologetically. My issue is with the unrealistic expectations that accompany any miracle diet solution (or, in this case, diet).

Forget Trends. Invest in You

It doesn’t matter who deems something as effective. What matters is if you invest in mastery, and then stay the course until you reach the outcome you desire.

The problem with all of these diets is the sell the same thing, the quick fix. The magic pill. And it’s all bullshit. If there was a quick fix to weight loss, the entire world would know about it by now. Same goes for relationship and success at your job or craft.

You know what you rarely see? The greatest entrepreneurs, athletes, leaders, and innovators speaking about shortcuts. The don’t talk about the easy street to success because they know it doesn’t exist.

Don’t believe me? Just ask LeBron James about magic pills. (Or check out his hat.)

After leading his team to his 8th straight finals appearance (and this is coming from a Chicagoan and lifelong MJ fan), LeBron wore a hat after that said, “There is no magic pill.” It could’ve meant almost anything. Maybe LeBron was talking about his longevity — 15 years of dominance. Or maybe it was a reference to what it will take to come back from 0–2 in the the Eastern Conference Finals. Or maybe LeBron has something completely else in mind and just wanted to give everyone something to talk about (guess what, it worked).

The point is simple: when you believe in the “magic pill,” you spend your time and effort looking for something you think you know will work. A better approach? Trust in yourself and put in the work. Follow what speaks to you — whether it’s the most popular approach in the world, the least popular, or something that’s never been done — and obsessively follow it until you reach your goal.

I’m positive that despite his obvious genetic gifts, LeBron never looked for a magic pill. He might have looked for ways to support his journey, but his magic — like that of all the greats — was built on trusting and investing in himself.

When that happens, the outcome is something much better than magic — it’s greatness. It’s not fast like a microwave. And it’s certainly not simple. But the results will be worth the time and effort.

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