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I feel good. Thank you Yoga.

A few weeks ago I realised that I did not require my glasses to use my phone/laptop. My vision has improved and I can actually see much better without the glasses! I have also lost a little weight and I feel good and healthy. The urge to consume junk food doesn’t arise. My ability to concentrate has become much better and I find myself sitting in the right posture while at work.

All those wonderful changes came over me because I started practicing yoga four months ago.

I have been feeling about these changes for some time but the thought of writing about occurred to me just a couple of days ago. I was talking about the yoga classes I have been attending to a good friend and told him how I look forward to it every morning and at times, even in the evening. He asked me a simple question: What do you like about the yoga class? I thought about it for a few seconds. It was about feeling good.

It was all about feeling good about myself, my body, my mind, and everything around it. Yoga has made a world of difference to my thinking as well as my ability to stay calm and listen to others. I thought it might be a good idea to share the journey of how I got into yoga and probably inspire a few to take up yoga.

My introduction to Yoga

My evenings were relatively free and I found myself wondering what should I be doing then. I do meet a lot of founders, product/tech/design folks in the morning and evening for some conversations at Yogisthaan in Koramangala. For a very long time, I used to be the only customer there at that hour. I have introduced the place to many Bangloreans and feel happy that they seem to love it. Every time I walked towards the place, a poster of Au-Hom used to catch my eye.

I always found the poster inviting, and when I learned that my AirBnB host had been going for yoga lessons to Au-Hom, I asked her about it. She recommended the place highly and so, I gave them a call.

I had no idea what I was signing up for. But since I had some free time, I wanted to do something to keep myself busy in the evenings.

I had never done yoga in my life. Till date, I don’t have much idea about what kind of yoga I am practicing. There are a whole bunch of asanas that I don’t know the names of.

Au-hom and the Instructors

It’s been more than four months since I signed up for these yoga sessions and I do at least 4–5 every week. I skip Saturday’s and Sundays…I prefer going for my walks then so that I can listen to some podcasts.

I like the space at Au-hom. It is very spacious and in the morning, you get more attention as very few folks join the classes then. The place has a lot of greenery around and the people there are very warm. They are always ready to help you and will make you very comfortable while you do yoga.

The space at Au-Hom

I have got a habit of reaching late by a few minutes because I don’t want to be in the front row and the instructor normally pays more attention to the folks in the front. The instructors are very helpful and put a lot of efforts towards helping each and every student. They help us achieve our best potential. Apart from getting us to do yoga, they also share thoughts about how our mind works, how the body works, and so on. My instructors have become good friends and I enjoy conversations with them.

Why am I liking it

It’s been a struggle for me to do most of the asanas while following the count -10,9,8,,,,,I give up in the middle at times, but I have made some good progress since I started and my ability to sense my weak areas and make them stronger has been a big motivator.

I have become a big fan of yoga and have been recommending the practice to many of my friends. I enjoy the exercise and love to sweat., The suryanamaskar prepares you for the rest of the yogas and I have been told that if you do the 12-step sequence of suryanamaskar 6–12 times every day, you need no other exercise.

I also like the shavasana at the end which allows you to relax and also the process which allows you to meditate for a few minutes. The other asanas too keep the entire body engaged and aware. Although, I’m tired enough after 30–35 minutes that I have to lookout for the clock, but after 60 minutes of yoga, the feeling of oneness is so strong and just going back home, completely drenched in sweat, is an amazing feeling.

After some time, I start paying attention to how much time is left 🙂

What next?

I’m excited and I want to nudge my friends too to take up yoga. I remember Zoho founder Sridhar Vembu once mentioned that we need to encourage all entrepreneurs to do yoga as it helps to relax your mind and destress. And now you know what a few months of yoga has done for me.

If you are someone who is thinking of trying yoga, I would like to help you and if there are enough founders who would like to be part of a tribe that I’m going to create, please ping me at Avi(Dot)RaghavaAtGmail. Or if you are a yoga enthusiast and you would like to share some tips with me, please do 🙂


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