Do you have what it takes to pass this physical test to join the FBI?

Can you pass the FBI physical test?

I’m currently helping one of my personal training clients train for the FBI physical test. Using their guidelines and scoring system below, see if you have what it takes too!

The PFT test consists of four mandatory events that are administered in the following order with no more than five minutes of rest in between each event. There is a strictly defined scoring scale and protocol for each event. Applicants entering under the Tactical Recruitment Program (TRP) must also complete the pull-up event.

1. Maximum number of sit-ups in one minute
2. Timed 300-meter sprint
3. Maximum number of continuous push-ups (untimed) 
4. Timed one and one-half mile (1.5 mile) run
5. Pull-ups (TRP applicants only)*

Passing Score: Applicants must achieve a minimum cumulative score of 12 points, with at least 1 point in each of the four events.

TRP applicants: TRP applicants must achieve a total of 20 points, with at least 1 point in each of five events (including pull-ups).

Personal Trainer Wisdom: When training for such a test, determine your strongest and weakest events (your baseline). From there, evaluate the amount of time you’re willing to spend on each and whether or not it’s worth it based on the point system.

PFT Protocol and Scoring Scales: Sit-Ups

Trainee lies back with tops of shoulder blades touching the floor; hands behind the head with fingers interlaced. The knees are bent at a 90-degree angle with the feet placed flat on the floor (feet are held in place by a partner with partner’s hands at the tongue of the trainee’s shoes and knees on the trainee’s toes). Trainee raises upper body until the base of the neck is in line with the base of the spine (back is perpendicular to the floor); trainee then returns to the starting position (i.e., the tops of both shoulder blades must touch the floor). This is a timed one-minute continuous motion exercise.

Score Female Range Male Range
-2 29 and below 31 and below
0 30–34 32–37
1 35–36 38
2 37–40 39–42
3 41–42 43–44
4 43–46 45–47
5 47–48 48–49
6 49–50 50–51
7 51–52 52–53
8 53–54 54–55
9 55–56 56–57
10 57 and over 58 and over

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Sit-ups are soooooo 1950….but I can see why the FBI still includes them on their test. We need to jump out of bed and get off the floor after all! Unfortunately, you most certainly will be compromising your neutral spine while completing the movement. Instead of building up inflammation during training, don’t be afraid to focus on the transverse abs (lower abs) while performing a crunch.

PFT Protocol and Scoring Scales: 300-Meter Sprint

The 300-meter sprint event usually takes place on a 1/4 mile oval track (although this may change based on individual circumstances). Trainees will start from a standing position and run 300 meters (3/4 of one lap).

Score Female Range Male Range
-2 67.5 and over 55.1 and over
0 67.4–65.0 55.0–52.5
1 64.9–62.5 52.4–51.1
2 62.4–60.0 51.0–49.5
3 59.9–57.5 49.4–48.0
4 57.4–56.0 47.9–46.1
5 55.9–54.0 46.0–45.0
6 53.9–53.0 44.9–44.0
7 52.9–52.0 43.9–43.0
8 51.9–51.0 42.9–42.0
9 50.9–50.0 41.9–41.0
10 49.9 and below 40.9 and below

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Interval sprints within a progressive program will help you reach a faster time in no time.

PFT Protocol and Scoring Scales: Push-Ups

Trainees begin in front leaning rest position (i.e. hands on the floor one to two hand widths beyond the shoulders with elbows away from the body, arms fully extended, and body held straight, with the feet no more than three inches apart and the toes touching the floor). As the arms are flexed, the body is lowered toward the floor until the upper arms are parallel to the floor (straight line from center axis of elbow to center axis of shoulder). Trainees complete the exercise after returning to the starting position. This is a continuous motion exercise.

Score Female Range Male Range
-2 4 and below 19 and below
0 5–13 20–29
1 14–18 30–32
2 19–21 33–39
3 22–26 40–43
4 27–29 44–49
5 30–32 50–53
6 33–35 54–56
7 36–38 57–60
8 39–41 61–64
9 42–44 65–70
10 45 and over 71 and over

Personal Trainer Wisdom: While most people compromise their shoulders, elbows, and wrists during a pushup, you can build up the necessary strength through planks, dumbbell chest presses, band chest presses, and a mix of shoulder and tricep exercises.

PFT Protocol and Scoring Scales: 1.5 Mile Run

The 1.5 mile run event most often takes place on a 1/4 mile oval track (although this may change based on individual circumstances). Trainees run six laps around the track.

Score Female Range Male Range
-2 15:00 and over 13:30 and over
0 14:59–14:00 13:29–12:25
1 13:59–13:35 12:24–12:15
2 13:34–13:00 12:14–11:35
3 12:59–12:30 11:34–11:10
4 12:29–11:57 11:09–10:35
5 11:56–11:35 10:34–10:15
6 11:34–11:15 10:14–9:55
7 11:14–11:06 9:54–9:35
8 11:05–10:45 9:34–9:20
9 10:44–10:35 9:19–9:00
10 10:34 and below 8:59 and below

Personal Trainer Wisdom: While long endurance runs should be included in your program, your sprint training will exponentially increase your speed in this area too.

PFT Protocol and Scoring Scales: Pull-Ups

*Note: Only candidates in the Tactical Recruiting Program (TRP) will complete this event. The candidate hangs from a horizontal bar, hands and least shoulder width apart (but no more than twenty-three inches apart as measured from the outsides of the hands) with palms turned away from face and arms fully extended. As the candidate flexes their arms, they pull their body upward until the candidate’s chin is higher than the bar. There can be no swinging or jerking of the body or use of the legs in an effort to propel the body upward. The candidate then lowers their body back to the hanging position with their arms fully extended. This is a continuous motion exercise.

Score Female Range Male Range
0 0 0–1
1 1 2–3
2 2 4–5
3 3 6–7
4 4 8–9
5 5 10–11
6 6 12–13
7 7 14–15
8 8 16–17
9 9 18–19
10 10 and over 20 and over

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Very few people can perform a proper pull-up. Have no worries, though. A progressive approach with planks, pulldowns, assisted pull-ups, and exercises for your scapula could help reach and surpass the minimum for this event.

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