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Question: Have you ever felt like you don’t do enough exercise together as a family, or at all? Yep, me too! Wearing the t-shirt right now!

So this is a topic I’ve been looking forward to presenting, as I’m hoping that as well as inspiring you guys to get more active, I’m hoping that inspiration and motivation will rub off on myself too, so win win all around!

Exercising as a family is not something I’ve even really thought of before either, as I’ve considered of it more on an individual basis, but it really does make sense in terms of setting an example to your kids. If I hear my 2 say one more time to their daddy that “mummy’s lazy, all she does is lie in bed” — (referring to me lying in on a Saturday morning by the way!), then I’ll feel I’ve failed in setting an example to my children! I want my kids to grow up knowing and loving that exercise is part of their daily routine.

“Strive for progress, not perfection”

So this is my motto to you all for the week. Let’s keep it real!!

What can you expect this week from A Place In The Fun?

  • Getting active as a family — ideas, events, venues
  • Getting active as an individual — ideas, events, venues
  • Importance of physical activity
  • Mental well-being tips and tricks
  • Healthy snacks
  • 60 seconds with”…… local business owner, teacher, fitness fanatic, and mum: Lucy Forrester, of Impact Dance & Fitness

What can we achieve in just one week?

Let’s change our routine, change our mindset and get active as a family. When I say “we”, I mean you, reading this right now! 10 minutes per day is all I ask — think you could manage it?


I am going to pledge just 10 minutes per day to physical or mental activity, together as a family. Are you in with me?

I pledge to do this by walking or scootering to and from school, having fun at the park with a ball or running around, playing dodgeball in the garden, exercising together, dancing together, just having some fun!

Kepp an eye on my social media channels each day to see what we’ve been up to! And I’d love to hear what your 10 minute #FamFun2018 is too!

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