15 incredible fitness influencers that fill their feeds with motivation

Day after day people look for ways to have healthier food on their lives, and motivation to work-out. Well, that’s something that in tendency nowadays, and you should keep this information in mind when talking about digital strategy, and that’s why we came with 15 fitness influencers you should know.

Barbara de Regil

This Mexican actriz loves healthy food. She’s a mother that lives a fitnes life, traveling, and talking about a healthy way to live. From working out to teaching some healthy recipes, her feed is full of ideas to follow.

Instagram 1.6m followers

Kemo Marriott

He is the founder of Brotherhood Training and Holistic Motions fitness, favours a “brain first” type of workout which focuses on training and perfecting movements instead of muscles.On he’s instagram you can discover sunny snaps of him shifting heavy-looking equipment — sometimes on a London rooftop.

Instagram 3k followers

Kaisa Keranen

She’s the M.S. Exercise Science and former heptathlete’s go-to hashtag is #justmove. Following Kaisa for sure inspire a healthier life, and motivation to work-out.

Instagram 700k Followers

Dave Durante

This guy will give strength and balance tips. He is a certified CrossFit trainer, former USA gymnast, and co-owner of Power Monkey Fitness in New York City. Dave’s number one tip: Get upside down daily to build upper body strength without using.

Instagram 75k Followers

Kelsey Wells

Trainer and mother Kelsey created the PWR Post-Pregnancy programme to help fellow mothers get back to feeling their best after giving birth. Wells puts all of her energy into helping new mums get fit and feel good.

Instagram 900k Followers

Joe Holder

This creator of Ocho System delivers smart running, fitness, and nutrition advice. For example, there’s a program to run a faster mile, five Prowler variations, and tweaks to common drills.

Instagram 47k Followers

Alan Aragon

He is the go-to source for smart, practical eating advice for anyone looking to build muscle and lose fat! Alan is Dropping evidence-backed nutrition bombs for the last 20 years.

Instagram 45.8k followers

Joe Wicks

He is the author of “Lean in 15” and can help people with Nutrition and training tips. On his feed you find power recipes for everything from protein balls to muscle salads.

Instagram 2.1m followers

Hannah Bronfman

This woman is a DJ and fitness fanatic with an Instagram aesthetic to match. What’s more, she’s partnering up with Adidas Women to create some fitness care packages to help people kickstart a fitness journey in 2018, so her feed is full of fitness inspo, tips, and tricks.

Instagram 439k followers

Mohamad Barakat

A Doctor and founder of @InstitutoDrBarakat of interact medicine. He is the writer of “Pilares para uma vida saudável” this man can help anyone to turn a junk food life into a healthy one.

Instagram and Facebook

Chontel Ducan

With two sons under two, this woman is the definition of a strong, working mum. She co-owns the HIIT Australia gym with her husband Sam, and posts her clients’ incredible transformation photos alongside cute family snaps and her own daily workouts.

Instagram 600k Followers

Jeanette Jenkins

This woman is a personal trainer has learned a thing or two during the 27 years she’s spent in the business. Jenkins provides tips for high-intensity gym session inspiration and healthy meal options with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Instagram 425k Followers

Max Lowery

He believes in training hard, eating clean, and intermittent fasting. His cool-toned Instagram aesthetic is full of weight-lifting shots, meal inspiration, and transformation photos of people who followed his book, “The 2 Meal Day.”

Followers: 42,500

Claire Jedrek

She worked out until her 7 months pregnant. We’re serious. Her devotion to health and fitness is so strong and infectious that it’s impossible not to felt embarrassed not to push harder. And more, just two months after giving birth, she’s back on the fitness life. Cleire is pure motivation.

Instagram 20.4k followers

Jennifer Sandra Ginley-Hagan

Extra motivation to see diets through the end, Slimming World’s Miss Slinky 2017 help with that. The Liverpool lass won the title of Miss Slinky 2017, making it onto the cover of Slimming World’s magazine, thanks to her incredible weight loss journey — in just over one year she went from 19 stone 4 lb (size 24–26) to 9 stone 9 lb (size 8–10).

Instagram 197k followers

So when you see this much people on social media motivating another ones to have a healthier life, you discover a huge number of possibilities for you as a brand, to create engagement to your audience in different ways.

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