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Thyroid Medication

Why you will rarely ever hear me talk about thyroid levels, and I’m a thyroid specialist!

There’s so much attachment to thyroid levels, it’s a distraction from what really needs the focus — your body, the root cause, and to get healing.

Your thyroid levels can be normal, but you can be full of symptoms, fatigued, in pain, stressed, unclear, bloated, irritated …

So if your thyroid levels say you’re ok,

Do you settle … NO.

Listen to your Body, tune in, you know in your heart if your body is not well, either seek specialist support from someone who is speaking the truth, not BS, Or find your way from researching, reading, trial and error …be mindful to not get lost in the noise and chaos out there.

I’m sick of seeing women obsessed and lost with their thyroid tests, because this is all the doctors have to offer, you can spend years in this cycle, my mum and 2 sisters did, I caught mine fast.

I knew that testing and medication were total distractions, a detour from my truth, your truth — but the system locking you in to their way.

The only reason for the obsession with testing is that then medication can be given out and you can be kept in the cycle of sick, tired, confused,

And… modern medicine don’t have any other methods in their tool kit, I have plenty of proven methods to turn hypothyroid/hashimotos around in less than 12 weeks.

Thyroid levels really mean fuck all, feel my passion, oh yeah!!!

Seek the truth about your thyroid health.

So Much Love

Arianna 🦋

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