Social Media Star Robert Frank Is Making Celebrity Appearances Around The World

Robert Frank has been a busy man as of late. After acquiring two million followers collectively, Robert has been touring the world and meeting his fans at various fitness expos and events. Nearly every month, he is a featured celebrity guests at charity events and large fitness shows such as Fitcon UK in London England and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arnold Sports Festival. At each appearance Robert sells his signature merchandise line while he is mobbed by fans for photos and videos.

Robert’s viral fame began in 2016 when he started doing shirtless rants in his car about various topics in fitness and pop culture and these angry rants began to go viral earning him hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. His success caused him to open his own online merchandise store which features a lot of his viral catch phrases. At the same time, his videos were spreading throughout social media and also being seen on major platforms including; WorldStarHipHop, Unilad, IGN, and even a feature on Tosh.0. Robert also received reposts from other celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Tommy Lee and began racking up A-list followers from the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dan Bilzerian.

Robert also caught the attention of the mainstream press, as he was interviewed by Philly Voice Magazine, 98 Rock in Baltimore, many other major media outlets. Additionally, he began making cameos on other celebrity’s videos including a boxing video with viral YouTuber, Jake Paul.

Robert is also the host of The Glorious House of Gainz Podcast. The show airs weekly on every major digital platform and gives Robert a place to share fitness tips and discuss his views on current events. After years of fans requesting the podcast, Robert launched it in 2018 to give a more in-depth glimpse of who Robert is as a person instead of just what you see in short comedic videos.

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