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Steroids are the chemical composition which occur in human body. They basically suppress the immune system of body and blocks the histamine. Which is responsible to releases chemical during allergy. There are many man-made steroids which are available and mimic the natural hormones. Steroids are also known as cortisone or cortico steroids. There are many types of steroids orally.


It is best oral steroids. It has got best anabolic nature. It speed up the growth of muscles and stamina overall. It helps in glycogenolysis which helps in intake of crab more effective. It helps in retaining nitrogen which helps to increase muscle mass. It also paves protein synthesis resulting in overall strength. Raw strength gets speed up and helps a lot. It should be taken as prescribe on the label or according to the doctor.


Anadrol is brand name for oxymetholone. It is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS). It is the best oral steroid. It is used for weight gaining and muscle growth. It is also helps in the treatment of anemia, HIV, AIDS, osteoporosis. FDA has approved this only for anemia. It is mostly used by body builders and athletics. It increases the production of red blood cells which increases oxygen intake and it helps for body building and weight gain. Almost 15 to 20 pounds increase can be seen after 1st cycle completed.


Anavar is the best oral steroid with less side effects. It is brand name for oxandrolone. It is also AAS steroid. It helps in weight gain, protein catabolism, corticosteroid, recovery from severe burns, bone pain. It is FDA approved for bone pain and osteoporosis, weight gain or physical trauma. It is the best for females since have less side effects. It is mild anabolic so even males can take it. It improves both long and short term outcomes due to pain, burns, etc.


It is the brand name for metenolone enanthate. This is also AAS steroid. It is mainly used for bone marrow failure, anemia. A drug matanolone acetate it is taken orally with the same name. it has mild anabolic effects and weak androgenic effects and has got no estrogen. It is long-lasting drug in the body. It is not easily thrown out of the body. It was previously used on large scale but in today’s time it is minimally used. It has got many and severe side effects.

There are many other steroids taken orally such as clenbuterol, testosterone max, winstrol, halotesin, proviron, etc. All the steroids are not good they have got side effects which can be severe and fatal to body.

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