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While my fellow AUP classmates flocked to party over their spring breaks, I opted for an alternative get away in hopes of regaining my mental and physical strength at English speaking boot camp Prestige in Portugal.

I stumbled on Prestige by accident, 3 days before the holiday, I was scrambling to find a cheap get away in the sun with little planning. I discovered Prestige by accident astounded by the all-inclusive accommodations/food and activities in sun it was truly like a sign from the health Gods. I booked my tickets with no idea what I was getting myself into and no swim suit or hiking boots. Little did I know my week-long camp would be one of the most vitalizing, replenishing experiences of my life.

Prestige is a perfect destination for the mind and body. Labelled a health fitness and juice retreat, run by ex-military trainers, whatever your goals for the week, Prestige strives to help you reach them. The camp offers something for everyone, tailoring its activities to best suit your goals and body. Combine this with the stunning beachfront villas, sandy beaches and optional fun activities you have the perfect healthy fitness holiday that can change your life and help you reach your health and fitness goals. Do as much or as little exercise and other fun activities as you prefer! You design your week and Prestige helps deliver your results.


The term “boot camp” is deceiving, at Prestige, no one is yelling at you, you don’t have to get up at 5am and go running, there are no punishment push ups. Activities differ from walks on the beach, yoga, hikes in the mountains, circuits and ball games. What is truly amazing about this camp is everything is taken care of for you from what you eat to what activities to do all you have to do is show up… and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. If you opt for the full body revival program (like I did) your looking at a complete transformation. In just 7 days I learnt how to push my body beyond its comfort zone, working hard for optimal results. The world class military trainers know exactly how to create a motivating, environment that helps the melting pot of people come together and thrive.

Typical Day:

Sample Schedule of my “DAY 3” at Prestige

The Food:

The food is delicious from local products, vitamins, protein and all well balanced to get you through the day. Several different meal plans are available on camp from simple dislikes to highly reduced calorie plans, regular diet plan (also known as the men’s diet) vegetarian, vegan, piscatorial and juicing diets. I plunged head first into the restricted dieting option. I figured, when in Rome, right? I was shocked to discover how amazing my body felt, my skin cleared up and I felt like I was glowing by the end of the week. I was amazed at how hard I could push my body with such little food. Turns out a pizza is not a sufficient fuel source, shocking. The camp is flexible, if you’re on a reduced calorie diet plan and starving? Ask for more food that day or opt for the “normal size” Portions for the rest of the week, it is the same food, just a bigger portion. If you want to juice the entire week, juice! If you want to have a meal out? Simple, just tell them before and enjoy the local cuisine. This is not really a boot camp, and everyone takes it as they want to.

Warning: there is no caffeine on camp. Yes — I know crazy. waking up to a view of the ocean and not having a cup of coffee with it seems almost sacrilegious, but by the third day the available teas and slices of lemon became a luxurious wake up call.

During my week, an Irish lady stayed in a nearby villa with her husband and baby. She would join us for some mornings, and then rest of the time with them and pop in and out for meals and snacks. She said the camp allowed her to get healthy after the baby but didn’t limit her from seeing her baby or enjoying a holiday with her family.



Like I said, when you book the camp, it is a week for you to do as you wish. If you go with family or friends, you can always opt out of a session, a morning or an entire day. If you book a Prestige week in Lagos, you can expect:

· 7 nights’ accommodation in our luxury villas

· All meals, snacks, and drinks prepared by our exclusive chef

· Up to 10 hours of fitness sessions by our world class trainers

· Stunning hikes on breath taking Algarve cliffs & coastline

· Fun and challenging workouts plus team games in the stunning nearby beaches

· 3 outdoor swimming pools

· UK satellite TV & FREE Wi-Fi

· Free transfers to and from Faro Airport

· Optional extras include spa, water sports, golf, cycling

· Washer/drier (this seems insipient but trust me, golden)

· Tours/shopping excursions in the city


The Prestige villas are located in Porto De Mós a few minute’s walk from the white sand beach of Porto De Mós and is amongst one of the most sought after areas in the Algarve.

This villa boasts exceptional specification overlooking the beach & the ocean with a wide range of water sports available. Each villa has a pool, outdoor seating areas, washing facilities and a spa room. Pricing depends on your room, you can reserve single en-suit rooms, shared ensuit for two or a more rustic bunkbed shared which fits up to four people.

Here’s a sneak peek at my single ensuit:


Honestly, you get out of the week what you put in.

If you want a boot camp, you can make it a boot camp. met someone of the most interesting people from a young mother (with her new born and husband) looking to pamper herself for a week to a marathon runner who was training for an upcoming race. The camp boasts people from across Europe who have different goals and we all came together. Prestige stays with you when you return, offering a Facebook page you can post and talk with people from your week and past alumni. You also receive emails with your results, pictures from your stay and a full menu plan including recipes.

If you want to take part in every session, and trust me its gruelling, I lost 14 lbs (and while they say you shouldn’t focus on the number on the scale) 14 lbs in ONE WEEK — absolutely ridiculous. I am venturing into my final weeks of university. It truly feels like the end of an era and my diploma is nearly in sight, I feel for the first-time hopeful, and empowered to take the next step.

Increased fitness level, strength, endurance, anxiety gone

Mental stability

Reconnected to self

Let’s fact it absolutely unreal weight loss

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