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What Is The Best Antioxidant In The World?

What Is The Best Antioxidant In The World?

Antioxidant” has been a popular buzzword in the health, wellness, and fitness community for some time now, as the word can be found on drinks and so-called health products on any store shelf.

But are all antioxidants created equally?

They most certainly are NOT. In fact, some antioxidant supplements may not only be completely ineffective, they may be doing more HARM than good.

So which antioxidants are best?

At trusii, we were on a mission to find out. And three years ago, we stumbled on something absolutely AMAZING.

In 2007, scientists discovered that one key molecule acts as the most powerful and “selective” antioxidant, which means it is able to target and destroy only the harmful reactive oxygen species, while leaving the beneficial ones alone.

Further studies demonstrated that this molecule is incredibly and uniquely effective for dramatically reducing chronic pain and nerve pain

And one thing in particular had the scientists completely SHOCKED… taking it showed absolutely no negative side effects!

There have since been over 1,100 peer-reviewed scientific studies on this molecule, which has been shown to have powerful therapeutic effects on over 170 different health conditions.

So, you’re asking what is this “miracle” anti-oxidant that’s over 100 times more powerful than resveratrol, curcumin, or Acai?

It’s called Molecular Hydrogen.

As you likely know, hydrogen is one of the most abundant molecules in the universe, and is one of the building blocks of life…

…but it’s rarely found in its stable, molecular form (H2) on earth. That’s because it’s so light that it actually escapes earth’s gravitational pull.

But when it’s created and infused in high enough amounts into water (which by the way is very hard to do), H2 can easily get into our bodies, where it goes to work balancing our cells and neutralizing inflammation.

This is because H2 works in 3 specific ways:

  1. H2 is a uniquely powerful and “selective” antioxidant, and it’s small size makes it incredibly easy for your cells to absorb.
  2. H2 helps the body trigger its own antioxidant and cell-protective chemicals, naturally boosting the immune system.
  3. H2 also helps to improve cell signaling (the communication between cells), which has beneficial metabolic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cell death properties.

Researchers have discovered that because H2 is so tiny AND so selective, it can easily access ANY part of the body, enter the cells, and neutralize free radicals (aka reactive oxygen species) and repair DNA damage that other larger antioxidants are simply unable to reach.

Researchers also discovered that H2 activates very specific pathways within our bodies to supercharge our own antioxidant-producing systems.

This makes molecular hydrogen the most powerful antioxidant and healing molecule in existence.

Studies have shown that the smaller the size of the antioxidant molecule, the more effective it is. H2 is over 114 times smaller than the widely known antioxidant, Resveratrol, and a whopping 184 Times Smaller than curcumin, the popular antioxidant found in turmeric.

In fact, world-renowned doctors and wellness experts are raving about the unique qualities of molecular hydrogen. Dr. Joseph Mercola has spoken on a recent Bulletproof podcast about using H2 to combat the radiation damage caused by frequent air travel:

“Yeah, because you want the hydrogen gas to go into your body, and it will work for about two hours. It’ll literally reduce the damage from the gamma rays by about 80%. If you’re a flight attendant or a pilot, this is absolutely imperative. I say about two hours, so if you get a two hour flight or a 230, it’s fine, one tablet should work, but if you got anything longer, I would look at doing two tablets and put one right in the middle of the flight… it’s the best antioxidant known to man.

So how can you get the benefits of molecular hydrogen?

The absolute BEST way is to drink highly-concentrated H2-enriched water, and our trusii H2 systems and products produce the most highly-concentrated H2 water in the world.

Find out more about trusii and what our groundbreaking H2 products can do for you here.

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