Excerpts from a radio talk on Radio Phoenix by Dr.Ajay Poddar, Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC), Texila American University on 21st March

That’s not just a number. It’s the doctor: patient ratio in Zambia (WHO report).

An alarming and poignant situation — that’s what the number actually represents. The shortage of trained doctors in Zambia is a pressing cause, and governments and healthcare organizations are leaving no stones unturned to address it. One feasible solution to the problem is to cultivate the culture of having home-grown doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners. A demand for studying medicine in Zambia therefore has been on the rise and both government and private universities are playing significant roles in providing quality education.

On 21st Match 2018, a talk show was organized by Radio Phoenix to address the pressing matter of why study medicine in Zambia and the quality of medical education being provided. Our Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC), Dr. Ajay Poddar was invited to the event to share his thoughts on the current state and how Texila American University (TAU) is helping in providing world-class medical education to its students.

The highlights of the talk show included:

· Why TAU is a global-university (details about our history, global presence with campuses in 3 countries, over 4000+ enrolled students from around 70 countries and more)

· Why open a school of medicine in Zambia (discussions on why Zambia is a safe country, the potential of students in Zambia, the demand for medical education in Zambia, the lack of infrastructure and how TAU is able to bring technology-backed learning methodology into the learning system)

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