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Late Night Cravings means sometimes your stomach does not understand that it’s time to sleep not to eat.

Sometimes you take your dinner at proper time but you wake up for late and then your stomach feels hungry again. Or sometimes you want to eat snacks while watching TV. You may also heard that eating right before going to bed is not a great idea, but you still want to eat something in night which can give relief to your stomach and also not gives problem to your stomach.

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Let me tell you that it is a slight myth that eating food before bed won’t be digest or burn in your stomach. Your metabolism rate slows down but it still working while you sleep. Yes, it is also true that when you’re working on weight management then it’s better to eat night food till 8PM. Generally your total calories matters more than timing but it does not means you eat heavy food in night as it can cause various types of health issue. So whenever you feel hungry in the night, you should eat because it does not matter how late you eating. The only thing to know is what you are eating in the late night.

If you are going to bed hungry, then there will be a reason you won’t sleep as your stomach still feels hungry. But if you are always starving before sleep than it probably means that you are not eating enough food throughout the day. You might eat less protein in food or eating fewer calories and both of these can cause you to overeating in the night later. If you doing fast or too many restrictions during the day than your body will tell you are starving and need more food to cover-up. And this intense stomach pang hunger starts bingeing especially high fat foods or high-carb foods because at that time your body wants instant energy.

Avoid big meals before going to bed as than your body will have to work harder to digest the food. it Ican cause you sleepless night and you can be awake for late night. But if you still need to eat and you have no other choice that you take 40% carbs, 40% vegetables and 20% protein in your diet. Also after taking your meal do not lay down immediately. Spend some time reading something interesting, watch TV, clean your dish or you can do some walk as it can reduce the risk of acid reflux and indigestion. If still you notice any indigestion problem or acid reflux problem than do not lay down on bed for at least 1 hour.

A perfect goodnight snack (or which can help you in Late Night Cravings) would be around 180–220 calories with slight amount of carbs and protein in it. Having 1 cup of warm milk would be great in nights as it helps in sleeping properly.

Staying out of the kitchen when those late night cravings strike, is not an easy thing. After making all the right decisions throughout the day this is the time when your willpower is at its lowest.

Today I am going to share 10 late night yummy and friendly snacks which can help you to come out of craving without gaining any extra and unhealthy weight. These delicious late night snacks are low in calories, nutritious and will also helps you to satisfy your cravings without compromising with your weight loss efforts.

  • Boiled Eggs for Late Night Cravings:-

Eggs are filled with nutrition’s. In fact eggs are the perfect snacks for midnight cravings. Always use only boiled eggs as it does not harm our body in the night. Healthy aft and high proteins can keep you satisfied for longer time.

Eggs are the ideal source of tryptophan and it’s an amino acid which acts as a natural sedative. You can boil 2–3 eggs for 10–12 minutes and let them cool down. After that cut them in small slices. Add some Epson salt or use flax bread or whole grain bread with that. Eggs are guilt free eating product which you can eat anytime and perfect for Late Night Cravings.

  • Whole Grain Bread Toast for Late Night Cravings:-

Making light sandwich is an another guilt free snacks option which is good for pot dinner cravings, as long as you using right ingredients in it.

As per my opinion, one of the bets sandwich for the late night munch is whole grain toast with ham. I personally found it nutritious enough to stop the late night hunger pangs, which just has 120 calories in it (depends on the size of your snack size). It also has 12–15 grams of protein in it.

Whole grain bread is digesting slowly so it will leave you in the feeling full for long time. It is also rich in calcium.

On the other hand, ham is a great source of Vitamin B lean protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, etc. You should make sure to go for the lean ham, opting for varieties that are low in the sodium. Some brands of deli meats also offer nitrate-free varieties.

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  • Avocado with cottage cheese for Late Night Cravings:-

If you are craving and want to eat something creamy, rich than avocado with the cottage cheese is one of the best next things to eat. This delicious fruit and a dairy is a combo pack in roughly 200 in the calories. Avocado mainly has 10 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber. It has no junk calories.

Avocadoes provide high quality fatty acid and small amount of fiber which helps in curb your appetite. Fatty acids are known as polyunsaturated fats which increase good cholesterol levels (HDL) and also good for your cardiovascular system.

Moreover, cottage cheese is a good source of the natural protein that fills you up without lot of calories. Research also showed that taking higher protein diets helps in reducing weight too.

What’s more, cottage cheese is a good source of the essential amino acid tryptophan — key for calming the nervous system and promoting sleep.

  • Greek Yogurt/ Curd with Cherries for Late Night Cravings:-

If you want to eat ice-cream in the night, it is better to eat Greek yogurt and fruits as a combo. Greek yogurt is an ideal for late night snacks. This Greek yogurt is low in sugar and can also satisfies those creamy cravings which you normally gets from ice cream which is high in calories and filled with lots of sugar.

Greek yogurt is a good source of protein too. According to research done in the American Journal of Physiology, shows that consuming the protein right before going to bed stimulate the overnight protein synthesis which helps in rebuilding the damaged muscle tissue.

On the other hand, berries are super healthy as they are low in calories but are good source of nutrition’s. Cherries are also good source of anti-oxidants, which can help in fighting with weight loss and in high inflammation. These little red fruit which is like a treasures helps in satisfying post dinner pangs. It also improves the sleep because of melatonin (it’s an sleep regulating hormone) available in it.

According to study which was published in the Journal of Medicinal Food shows that those who drink cherry juice reported better sleep quality and also get rid of Late Night Cravings.

  • Peanut butter and Apple Slices for Late Night Cravings:-

Apple is a simple snack that can be quickly and easily assembled by slicing and laying natural peanut butter on it.

This combination will give you satisfaction as a normal apple contains only five grams of dietary fiber, which improves your digestive health and your stomach feels full.

And, Two tablespoon of peanut butter is loaded with full of protein which fills your stomach up without feeling hungry or heavy. It is filled with fiber too.

Make sure to use natural peanut butter only, avoid adding sugars, salt, palm oil or other artificial flavors in it.

  • Almonds with the Cottage Cheese for Late Night Cravings:-

If you want to eat something salty in late night, it is better to go for almonds. Almonds are the best late night snacks as it filled with good fats and rich in proteins which helps to regulate blood sugar levels and promotes the overall fitness and health levels.

Almonds digests very slowly, so you will fell fuller for long time. these almonds are rich in magnesium too which helps in the relaxation of the muscles and helps in sleep properly.

You can use roasted almonds with less salt and oregano in it and there is no particular preparation needed. Almonds are high in calories, so eat them less in amount.

And, cottage cheese is a pure dairy product which is high in casein protein; it’s a slow release protein which keeps your tummy satisfied while speeding up recovery. Always choose good brand and right cheese such as parmesan, feta, goat cheese, mozzarella or provolone cheese only.

To increase taste you can add few cherries in it too.

  • Cereals with High Fiber for Late Night Cravings:-

Lots of researches and studies show the relation between fiber and better sleep. It is not just about sleep, it is about proper deepest sleep.

Is this sound good, right?

Fiber takes time to digest, so you might not feel hungry all the time after taking fiber diet. Your body and mind will remain smooth and you can take proper deep sleep easily. It helps in Late Night Cravings too.

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  • Frozen Fruits for Late Night Cravings:-

Fruits are the best choice to eat during any time of the day. Eating fruits in the night can be one of the best options available. Make sure you eat fresh or frozen fruits only. Canned fruits are filled with sugar syrup which can harm your body rather than helping it.

Fruits are also low in fat and are relatively low in calories. Fruits also have tons of vitamins and minerals which are essential for body.

These Frozen Fruits are the best alternate for those who wake up in mid night and want to eat something. Fruits are good source of natural sweet and it soothes you and give good sleep.

Frozen fruits and fresh fruits are always the best option in Late Night Cravings.

  • Crackers for Late Night Cravings:-

Crackers are easy to get a hold and it has lots of health benefits too. It depends on which type of crackers you are eating. I personally suggest you to take whole grain cracker as it contain lots of fiber. Crackers can help you in the problem of constipation too.

Multi grain crackers are also good in iron which gives the energy to body. This diet will not give you cravings again. So it is better to add it in your dinner or you can take it late night too. I am sure you will feel more energetic throughout the day and night.

  • Popcorn for Late Night Cravings:-

Popcorn is less in calories, especially when you eat them without any butter or cream. Eating popcorn without are good as butter only contains fat only nothing else which increase more calories in your body.

Popcorn is good source of fiber. 2–4 cups of popcorn are equal to same amount of fiber which is in 1 cup of brown rice.

Always choose right kind of popcorn, my meaning of saying right kind is low fat popcorn or those which does not have butter in it.

Popcorn are light and also enough to make you feel you full and helps you in Late Night Cravings.

So friends, these were the best 10 late night foods to come out craving without harming your body. Do share your opinion about this post and also tell which one is your favorite.

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