10 Awesome Benefits of Jumping Rope for People Too Busy To Exercise

10 Awesome Benefits of Jumping Rope for People Too Busy To Exercise

The joys of rope jumping

2.2 Billion!

That’s the number of obese people in the world today.

Can you believe it?

To put it simply, WE ARE IN TROUBLE!!!

It seems that many people are too busy to exercise. And yet that does not have to be the case — At least not when there is a fitness gear known as the jump rope still in existence.

It’s easy to look at kids jumping rope and say, “That’s easy! I can do that.”

After all, it looks so easy. What could possibly be easier than jumping off the ground every few minutes?

But have you ever tried to give those kids a run for their money? How did that work out for you?

Rope jumping is very hard work!

Boxers are well known for their use of jumping ropes everywhere — it’s the perfect home exercise equipment. There is a reason for that. Actually, there are plenty of reasons for that.

Despite the misguided perceptions you may have about rope jumping, its benefits are tremendous — if you can manage to skip. You may want to take a note of them for the next time you are tempted to underestimate this form of “fun.”

1. Rope Jumping Burns Calories And Promotes Weight Loss

If you intend to lose weight and have a core workout, you should incorporate rope jumping into your exercise plan.

Rope jumping is a calorie burning exercise that requires minimal time investment. According to, you can lose about:

· 571 calories after 60 minutes of rope jumping if you weigh 120 pounds

· 714 calories after 60 minutes of rope jumping if you weigh 150 pounds

· 952 calories after 60 minutes of rope jumping if you weigh 200 pounds

· 1190 calories after 60 minutes of rope jumping if you weigh 250 pounds

When you compare rope jumping with other forms of exercise, it comes out ahead in many ways.

According to the Jump Rope Institute, research shows that 10 minutes of rope jumping at 120RPM (120 jumps per minute) is equal to:

· Two tennis singles sets

· 30 minutes of jogging

· 18-holes of golf

· 720 yards of swimming

Whichever way you look at it, using a skipping rope to exercise will boost your chances of losing weight tremendously.

2. Rope Jumping Increases Bone Density

A Japanese study concluded that jumping exercises lead to an increase in bone density in rats. It’s worth noting that rope jumping involves constant jumping, for minutes on end.

Others studies, like the one conducted by the University of Missouri researchers on middle-aged men, seem to support the Japanese findings. The latter studies showed that certain jumping and weight-lifting exercises, when done for at least 6 months, improved bone density. For that reason, you should consider rope jumping to enhance your bone density and keep osteoporosis at bay.

3. Rope Jumping Improves Coordination

If you have a problem with balance, and want to improve your coordination skills, do consider rope jumping as a quick daily fitness workout. Dr. Daniel Barry, an assistant professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado who spent time researching on bones of the elderly and athletes, found that jumping rope enhances coordination.

There have been other studies that support Dr. Barry’s findings. One 2015 study showed that rope jumping enhanced both motor coordination and balance among young soccer players.

4. Rope Jumping Enhances Brain Functions

Using a skipping rope for a sustained period qualifies as aerobic exercise. And research shows that aerobic exercises sustained for 60 minutes enhances the brain’s ability to process information.

So, if you want your brain to function in peak conditions for a long time to come, try skipping.

5. Rope Jumping Increases Endurance

One of the reasons as to why boxers love skipping ropes is because they help promote endurance. Many conditioning coaches recommend ropes for that reason.

If you want to improve your overall endurance, don’t bother with expensive pieces of equipment. Start with a jump rope and see the difference that makes on your stamina.

6. Rope Jumping Is Low-Impact And Helps In Injury Rehabilitation

When your body needs to undergo rehabilitation due to injury or other reasons, you will need to engage in a low-impact exercise activity. Rope jumping, when done right, is one of the most effective low-impact exercises there is.

With rope jumping, you would be able to increase the strength to your body gradually. Since this activity involves jumping on the balls of your feet, you will be less likely to hurt your knees.

So, in the event that you need rehabilitation, and want to strengthen your body, do try rope jumping and see how you like it.

7. Rope Jumping Is A Full Body Workout

Using a skipping rope engages both your lower and upper body muscles. As you skip, you will engage the hands, wrist, arms, knees, elbows, and feet. Some of the muscles that are involved in rope jumping include gluteus, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

When time is limited, and you need to exercise in a hurry, incorporate a few jumping rope workouts in your schedule and you will be set to go. There are plenty of programs out there that you can access on platforms like YouTube.

8. Rope Jumping Is Fun

Even she is having fun!

Why do you think kids enjoy rope jumping so much?

Because it’s fun, that’s why.

There are plenty of tricks you can do as you jump rope. Some of the best skipping rope workouts will include foot jumps, the basic jumps, the side swing, the criss-cross, the double-under, and the double Dutch jumps among other things.

You can also swing the rope backwards or move your feet forwards or backwards across a large open space. It’s also possible for you to have fun competing against time by counting the number of jumps you can do each minute, every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes and so on.

9. Rope Jumping Is Affordable

For less than $30, you can get a good adult jump rope at your nearest store. Now, compare that to $58, which is the average monthly cost of gym membership in the US, and see what a difference that makes on your pocket.

If you want to stay fit on a limited budget or even gift something to your colleagues or employees, it goes without saying that jump ropes win hands down.

10. Jumping Ropes Are Portable

A jump rope is a very thin and light piece of fitness equipment. You can carry it from one country to another very easily. This would ensure that you can keep up with your rope jumping workouts even while you travel. You can also use it in your home gym. All you need is a little bit of space and voila!

Rope jumping is an activity that is frequently underestimated or ignored. But the benefits of jumping rope cannot be ignored. You should never take this versatile form of exercise for granted. Not only can it help you lose weight, but it can also enhance your balance and coordination, brain function, bone density, and endurance. And while a few jump ropes are sold for about the price of one month’s worth of gym membership, some of the best jump ropes for your needs can be bought for less than $30 and can be used for about a year or more (I speak from experience). And if you know where to look, you may even be able to buy jumping ropes for less than $10!

Examples of sites that sell jump ropes at affordable rates include and The latter option will enable you to buy jump ropes at wholesale prices if you intend to buy a significant number of them.

Jumping ropes are the perfect gift to yourself and loved ones!

Come on!

Go buy a jump rope today!

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