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12+Best 2018 Penis Enlargement Sites — Natural Penis Enlargement

Natural penis enlargement is by far the most effective way to increase penis size. No other method gives such permanent results as quickly or safely. But to really succeed, you need to remember a few basic points.

Natural Penis Enlargement


You’ve probably read a review where some guy said that he gained 2 inches in 3 weeks, but in reality this just doesn’t happen. These sort of statements are written by people desperately trying to sell you a particular program — and in most cases I’d bet money that they’ve never tried natural penis enlargement or are even members of the programs they promote.

This leads guys to think that they can achieve their goals almost overnight — and when they don’t make massive gains in a couple of weeks — they give up — demotivated and demoralized.

To keep your motivation high, you need to have a realistic idea of how long it takes before you start — and for most men this means a minimum of three months exercise to make significant gains of around 2 inches.

Because of this, set yourself realistic goals and give yourself time to achieve them. If you aim for just an inch in two months, I guarantee that once you’ve achieved it, you’ll be spurred on to even greater gains. You’ll probably find that you even exceed your own expectations.

Natural penis enlargement isn’t particularly strenuous — in fact it takes far less effort than say weight training. But it still takes a little patience and commitment. By pacing yourself and not expecting miracles to happen overnight, you’ll keep your motivation high and at the same time guarantee your own success.

Follow the Program

When you’re starting out, stick closely to the program. One reason some men don’t gain is because they ignore proven advice and decide to make up their own workout. I’ve seen messages where men say that they’ve been doing just one exercise for 30 minutes a day and haven’t seen any results. Well it’s not very surprising. There’s a whole range of techniques that have to be properly combined in order for you to successfully enlarge your penis.

After a month or two, you’ll start to get a feeling of what really works for you and what doesn’t. At this stage you can start playing around with exercises and your workout. But until you know exactly what works best for you, follow the recommended exercises and workouts to the letter.

Natural Penis Enlargement

Don’t Over Train

When you start to see gains, it’s very tempting to increase the length of your workouts or start training more frequently. It’s a natural reaction. You grew an extra inch in a month by working out for 20 minutes, so it’s easy to think that you’ll gain even quicker if you workout for 40 minutes the next month.

In reality, increasing the amount you exercise is more likely to lead to over training, which will slow down or even prevent further gains.

This is because your penis will only respond positively to so much exercise in one workout — this is the point where you have stimulated maximum growth. With every passing minute you exercise beyond this point, the effectiveness of the workout is reduced. Why? Because human tissue can only positively cope with so much stimulation.

Likewise, your penis needs time to fully recover and heal between workouts. Growth occurs while you are resting, not when you’re exercising. Human tissue takes about 48 hours to fully recover from exercise. So in order to make sure your penis grows as quickly as possible, give yourself time to fully recover from each workout.


Relax and don’t become obsessed with measuring your penis every day. Day to day gains are impossible to accurately measure, and again this can affect your motivation. Instead, try to measure your penis no more than once every two weeks. Not only will this give you a series of reference points that accurately gauge your progress, but actually seeing a noticeable increase when you do hold the ruler against your penis really boosts your commitment and motivation.

If you follow these few simple points, you will succeed with natural penis enlargement — because there are no other factors that can limit your success. By staying motivated, committed and consistent in your workouts you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved within a few short months — a much larger, healthier penis and a new level of self-confidence.

What you need to know about penis enlargement

Penis enlargement gets a bad rep and it mostly has to do with the fact that since the beginnings of spam, various penis enlargement and other male products have been the focal point of the majority of spam emails. However, this is where we can also see the relative popularity of penis enlargement as one of those things that many men are interested in.

If penis enlargement was not so sought-after then the spam would be about something else. The simple fact, whether we like it or not as men, is that most of us would like to have something more to show when it comes to the penis department. Apart from the few very blessed men out there, most of us are worried that our penises are not enough and some of us believe that we should do something to make them bigger and that is where penis enlargement comes in.

Historically, there have been a few methods for penis enlargement that have been used. The first of these are penis exercises that have been used for millennia and that have been perfected over the years. It feels that every now and then, someone comes out with a new set of exercises that are meant to increase the size of the male organ. These are usually very intense and very aggressive exercises that often result in various unwanted effect such as bruising or even damage to the penis. The second of these historical methods have been various natural concoctions, tonics and remedies that were supposed to increase the size of the organ.

These days, there are more penis enlargement methods and options than ever before. There are still people who advocate exercises although most men already know that these are unsafe and that they will be risking too much. The natural remedies have evolved into supplements that are designed and developed using a lot of scientific knowledge which contributes to the historical knowledge, thus resulting in very advanced and effective penis enlargement supplements.

In the 20 century, we have also seen penis enlargement surgical procedures come to life, at first being used to treat conditions that interfere with the functioning of the penis and later also being used in cosmetic purposes, so to say, giving people that bit of extra size that they need and wish for. In addition to these, some men have started using penis pumps in order to enlarge their penis, which is one of the worst ideas you can have, as these devices are really unsafe for the user, as they were never meant to be used in that way.

One of the latest additions to this array of penis enlargement methods and options are penis extenders which apply certain amount of stretching to the penis and thus lead to the increase in size. These devices are a relatively recent invention and thanks to their extreme efficiency and their safety, they have become one of the most popular methods.

Natural Penis Enlargement

It is essential that you understand that penis enlargement is a possibility and that there are ways in which you can have a bigger penis. However, it is equally as important that you realize that not all of the options we have mentioned are the same when it comes to efficacy and especially when it comes to safety. It is best that you find out more about all of these methods before you actually decide on anything. It is your penis and your health you are talking about and it is always best to be safe than sorry.

How to choose a penis enlargement method

Before you start choosing one of the many penis enlargement methods that are available today, you need to ask yourself one thing — do you really need penis enlargement. Many men mistake their penis which is perfectly averagely sized one for one that is below average. This happens all the time and men end up spending money on something that they do not really need. However, if you are absolutely positive that you want a bigger penis and that you are ready to commit to the process, then you have a few choices in front of you.

The first of these is penis enlargement surgery. It is by far the most invasive of the options and it is also the riskiest one of them all (or at least among those that can produce effects). It entails cutting open of the penis and insertion of tissue that will make it bigger. It is done under total anaesthesia and it can be a gruelling process to heal after the surgery. Also, it is an extremely expensive procedure that will not be covered by your health insurance and that will set you back at least a few thousand dollars. Finally, you need to understand that you cannot get too much from this type of surgery as the effects are limited.

The next possibility are penis enlargement supplements that are quite popular at the moment and that provide you with nutrients and other types of beneficial natural ingredients that can help your penis increase in length and girth. While taking these supplements, you will also be undergoing a light regimen of exercises that will eventually increase the size of your penis. These supplements are entirely natural and they are considered to be perfectly safe.

The number of choices out there is overwhelming, its difficult to decide which programs to buy — some are very expensive. Plus, the decision is complicated more since each program has its own “sales pitch” for their techniques. I have to admit, I was also skeptical, and didn’t really believe anything would work. But, after a significant amount of research to identify the best programs, personally trying the techniques, and reviewing user testimonials and comments, I was very surprised! It took a while, but there are a few penis enlargement programs that produce real results — size gains and sexual improvement!

Penis Enlargement Sites

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