Day 2

I did not say it, but some weeks ago I partially tore my ACL (grade 2), and also the external ligament (grade 1) while skiing. I won’t talk much about it. Bad luck. So, I am so worried about gaining any weight; and well, I am gaining somehow.
For this reason, the main sports that I can do know as part of the rehab is biking (as long as it does not hurt), and gym (upper part). Some very easy lower quads, but just to ensure movement, no pain or little force whatsoever.
This week I have been swimming around 500m per workout. I do feel it, it is not much, but it is something to burn energy and keep myself active. Sports living in Finland are essential. They keep your mood up. Otherwise, you are lost.
My knee exercises are not complicated, but some hurt, so I can’t do them. Apparently, that means that the knee is unstable and I will most likely get a surgery. The surgeon will help me to make that decision though.
So I have been looking at people who lost weight by swimming.

To be honest, I don’t believe in diets; your body tries so hard to gain your weight back. I do believe in proper eating, focusing on why we eat, what we eat, and so on. Also doing sports. But who knows, for some people diets work.

So my goal, for now, it is to do the knee exercises, and swimming, and perhaps some gym HIIT concerning mostly the upper part. Let’s see.

day-2 Day 2

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