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Myths About Weight Training You’ll Want To Know

Weight lifting has so many myths attached to it, that I just had to write up a few more to bust!

If you want to lose weight, this is something you should read.

Lately, with the bodybuilding competition season well underway, the stigmas of lifting weight in the gym have abruptly appeared. Weight lifting has so many myths attached to it, that I just had to write up a few more to bust!

There are many reasons why you might think a cardio session is the best thing for you. Stick to what you know, right? ‘Dropping a few kilos doesn’t need weight lifting in the gym — cardio is the best way to achieve that’ — is that what you’re thinking?

Start changing your attitude, and read on about several of the myths associated with lifting that I will bust wide open. You won’t want to cardio after this!

MYTH: Lifting weight will make you bulky, even when you don’t want to be.
FACT: Lifting heavy weights makes your muscles STRONGER, not bigger, unless you train, eat and supplement very specifically for that goal.

Women often shy away from lifting because they think they’ll get “big”. Let me tell you, the women who eat, train, take supplements and live a lifestyle that consistently work towards building big muscles, will be the ones who appear that way. Most females do not have enough testosterone production in their body to ‘get big’. Men bulk up due to the amount of testosterone they have, it’s a key ingredient women are missing in high enough doses to cause the “bulky” look. So lift weights for whatever goal you have in mind, and make sure, no matter what aesthetics look you’re working towards, you eat, train and live a lifestyle that helps you get there. That’s the part that’s true.

MYTH: Lifting weights won’t improve cardiovascular health.
FACT: Any physical activity will raise your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular health. That’s a fact, but think about this. Have you ever carried a bunch of grocery bags a small distance, and found yourself out of breath, or your heart rate has increased? Perhaps you have a toddler, and carry them around for a while, and felt your heart rate go up? Seriously, that’s the same principle. You’re lifting weight.

When lifting heavy weights, your heart pumps harder than normal, much faster too. It is doing this to ensure blood flow and oxygen is sent to the muscles you’re working; increased demand means your heart pumps. Cardio isn’t the only answer for improving your heart health.

MYTH: Woman and men should weight train differently.
FACT: It makes no difference. Like I mentioned above, men and woman build muscle differently — so the idea that women shouldn’t train like men is completely invalid. Don’t let this idea hold you back in your training. What you should pay attention to your specific goals, and train for that. Form and training style are far more important than worrying if you’re lifting too much because of the guy next to you — honestly. Don’t even worry about it. Just push yourself to your limits, no matter what they happen to be!

So don’t be fooled by the scare tactics, and crazy rumours that fly around in fit conversations you hear. Weight lifting is good for you; it can help you achieve the goals you have in mind, it isn’t something to be afraid of. Hope this has cleared up a few of the things you may have been hung up on — now go get lifting!

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