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The 3 Weeks Diet is a weight loss PDF program of 96 pages that is designed and created by Brian Flatt to help users lose a significant amount of fat in the body. The program is claimed to be developed with numerous scientific-based and fool-proof facts that are designed to help users lose 10, 15 or 20 pounds of fat in just 21 days. The author also claimed that the program consists of a completely natural, safe and scientifically backed up techniques for losing weight. However, many people have many questions about the program, especially since it claimed to achieve result within short period of time. A lot of questions centered on the main contents of the program. I recently purchased the program and went through it. I discovered there are 4 main phases of weight loss techniques taught in the program. I will be sharing this info for people interested in the review of Brian Flatt program.

Phase #1 — Liver Detoxification

This phrase focuses more on cleansing the body, especially the liver, which is the fat pumping organ.

Also, Brian Flatt also recommends vitamins to help you detoxify your liver and increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin hormone. You will list of 17 vegetables and 6 sources of protein. The phase lasts for 7 days.

Phase #2–24 Hours Fasting

The second phase comes after the first one and it involves fasting for 24 hours. This fasting starts from the last meal on the 7th day till the 8th day of this program.

It is aiming at cleaning your liver and body and creating good environment that allows your body to start burning more fat efficiently.

At the 8th day, during dinner, you can eat whatever you want to any length while controlling your carb consumption.

Phase #3 — Fat Fast

This third phrase is also known as the “Fat Fast” technique. This third phrase comes at the 9th, 10th and 11th day. It is focused on helping you melt excess fat stored in the body, especially around the hip and belly region. With the Fast Fat, your liver won’t be burning muscles, but fat to fuel the organs of the body.

Phase #4 — Your Unique BMR

The last phrase of the 3 Weeks Diet weight loss program continues from the 12th days to the 21th day. It lasts for 9 days and you get to eat calories that are based on your unique BMR and weight loss expectations. You will learn how to create calorie deficient based on your BMR.

Aside from the content of the program, other questions people are asking around this program is whether it works or not. I will be sharing more about reviews on this program in the coming days and weeks.

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