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Attention! Innovations in category “Absurd business”! Singaporean scientists have invented a new technology for creating medical products. Now You have the opportunity to drink not only the current tablets, but also beautiful, attractive shell and the desired dosage. 3D printing in medicine is nonsense, quite bad, very original nonsense. The 3D system will produce a variety of shell for the medication and nothing hindering the proper ingestion.

Approved the printing of these pills in the States (epilepsy medicines). 3D drugs are better than the usual, extruded, familiar to us pills. The fact that the treatment of the 3D printer medicine, as it were, loosened and porous structure is easier to digest in the body. If scientists can prove that an innovative medicine is really a significantly better than simple, soon all tablets will translate into improved. Just imagine how cool: a doctor wrote a prescription and You don’t have to wait for their production a couple of days and take your medicine for a few minutes, and even an advanced, direct drinking pleasure.

Positively this will affect the baby. Parents know how difficult it is to get the child to take a pill of motrin, and here’s You present to the child a pill under the guise of candy and all, the temperature in a few minutes fell.

Because of everyday problems, we often forget about taking pills, especially about the order of use. With 3D tablets is much simpler: people can take just one pill a day and even control the rate of release. For this you need to change the form of capsules and all. In this way, the manufacturer reaches the desired speed of drug action individually created by each person. In one pill is the daily dose of the drug and people don’t have to nervously monitor the hour hand.

Development of the method belongs to the Sun Yuan and Sio Lingomo — graduate student and associate Professor. To create a desired envelope to the doctor is necessary only to draw the desired pattern in 3D program and all the needs of the patient are met.

Today scientists are trying to establish business. They also argue that this method of medication will be readily available for all patients, but we all know that it is not. Know that 3D tablets are not something that very soon will appear in Ukraine, but also what to order manufacturing for residents with a minimum salary will be very expensive. What doctor wants to spend time for free or for a penny, when on the other side of the office door, the crowd of patients waiting for their turn??? And You and I would not have wanted. So..

“Absurd business” — why and what is this absurd? Everything is clear as day. For example, the materials themselves in the production is inexpensive, the standard price, the s/n of the doctor — the usual rate anyway..everything is fine, do not bother. But we all live in Ukraine, where a simple consultation with a doctor costs money, otherwise we such a diagnosis will attribute that to death, pardon the bluntness, will not be cured. Question: how can innovative, advanced med. the drugs cost on a level with ordinary? It is not real! In other, more progressirovanii countries can sell cheaper, but not here, where everyone wants to build a business on the requiring emergency medical care people.

Here they are, tiny 3D pills:

The present invention has such important values for our generation. Maybe for posterity, but not for us — people who grew up on extruded aspirins and not really complain. The composition of the tablets is the same, only the type and method of application is different. In this case, why pay more? If inventors will be able to negotiate with investors, medical institutions to those bought the product, it will definitely “absurd”, but a smart, intelligent business!

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