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“Fat Pride” Is BullSh*t.

Anyone with an ounce of medical knowledge is fully aware of the many dangers being obese/overweight can inflict, heart attack,joint pain,high blood pressure,Diabetes ,and etc.. Rather then try to take control of ones life and their health.It would be much simpler to let yourself become fat and complacent.Some will say its stress,others will say its genetics but excuses have no place here as it’s usually not the case.

We all know the euphoric rush that hits after the first bite of a muffin,Candy bar, or Lava Cake but the benefit — whether people want to accept this or not — starts and ends with pleasure.This has drawn Fat-Pride advocates to stick with their self destructive food hedonism.Let the feeling take over you and work around the reality of the consequences that will come because you like it.Sounds like a junkie justifying his next fix.

Besides the junkie mentality, the fat pride out-look on beauty is equally cringe. Big is not beautiful but boy would they like you to think otherwise.Rather then address the fact that men would much rather want a normal sized woman or vice versa, they become enraged at the idea of them not being thought of as attractive.Someone not being attracted to you because your fat is no ones problem but yours and yours alone.Fat-Pride could tell them they are bad person for thinking of you as unattractive all you want but the fact remains.Just because you hear a prostitute say ‘i love you’ doesn’t change the reality of them not loving you.So go ahead and black ball anyone not with the Fat-Pride ideal because its just confirmation bias.

Being fit says a lot about someones confidence.It takes more then saying “lets do this” to obtain a body like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Angelina in TombRaider. It’s Sacrifice that is sexy,hence why hero’s in movies worth their salt are jacked and forged by struggle.Struggling to not touch the chocolate covered pretzels has no merit. The consensus for body beauty has been evident for centuries. Unless you are a chubby chaser or BBW enthusiast, you can count out the vast majority to stop dead in their tracks to embrace a 300 lb persons ambiance.

In the words of Richard Simmons

One day I may be meeting you and hearing how you’ve changed your life by saying, ‘Farewell to Fat’.¹

(1) Retrieved 15,Feb.2018.

fat-pride-is-bullsht “Fat Pride” Is BullSh*t.

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