11 mins ago

    “Don’t Promote Or Expect Perfectionism Or Make Your Client Feel They Have Let You Or Themselves…

    Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific…
    21 mins ago

    Easy Crockpot Recipe for Mealprepping – Anthony Paul – Medium

    Easy Crockpot Recipe for Mealprepping I enjoy cooking but sometimes I just want to relax on Sunday before going back…
    35 mins ago

    Parental Pacifier Sucking May Lower Kids’ Allergy Risks

    SEATTLE — Some moms or dads would think nothing of “cleaning” their baby’s pacifier after it has fallen on the…
    50 mins ago

    Challenges of The Digital Age and Parenting

    Source: Grinvalds/DepositPhotos I originally wrote about this issue almost four years ago, and I’m saddened to report that the disconnect…

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